A strategic axis of development.


In an intense competitive context, one must rationalize one's efforts.
The outsourcing of support functions like the I.T. (Information Technology), designate the delegation of these functions to an external beneficiary for a contractual duration. Outsourcing makes it possible for the company to concentrate on its strategic problems while improving its essential fonctions.

Your outsourcing options


Our teams propose solutions which conciliate competence, performance and security.
To help you, we bring technical and methodological expertise which is our core business.
You can choose complete or partial outsourcing:
- operation and maintenance
- the management of infrastructure
- support
Our teams will work hand in hand with yours to offer an excellent quality of service.

Why outsourcing ?


-cost reduction
-benefit from new expertise
-compensate for a lack of internal resources
-center on your core business
-increase your flexibility
-have performance guarantees on a service
-use the services of an expert partner
-reduce risks
-access new technologies